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  • How to earn money online in india for students

    how to earn money online in india

    Top 10 fastest ways to earn money online

    1. #1 Affiliate marketing
    2. #2 Blogging
    3. #3 Freelancer
    4. #4 YouTube
    5. #5 Stock Marketing and trading
    6. #6 Sell online courses
    7. #7 Social media
    8. #8 Google Ads
    9. #9 Facebook Ads expert
    10. #10 App Developpement

    #1 Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way to earn money online in India. It is like running a retail shop, the difference here is that the product you are selling is not yours but it is a brand product, when you sell it, you get a fixed commission for that product.

    What do you need to start Affiliate Marketing?
    If you have a website or you are trying to figure out an idea for your blog, this is the best niche for your website and your blog. you can write a review article on your website or blog and add your affiliate link to your product. You can also do online marketing from your smartphone by using social media.

    But the world's largest affiliate program is from Amazon Affiliate Program, if you do marketing on Amazon, so you cannot add an affiliate link to the product directly on any social media, you will have to create your website or blog and send traffic to the website and when your website If any user buys the product from your affiliate link, then you will get his commission.

    Let's see how we can do this?

  • Partner with brands and business-like, Amazon, Flipkart, or any company related to your websites, etc.
  • Most business-like Amazon, Flipkart has their own websites from where you can apply for affiliate marketing for free.
  • Amazon Affiliate Registration link:-
  • Flipkart Affiliate Registration link: -

  • So, you can earn a good amount from $250 per day to $2500 per day, and many people from here are earning even more, it depends on you and your hard work.

    #2 Blogging

    Many people do blogging, it is the easiest way to earn money online in India. it is the lowest investment way to start earn money online, you can start your blog even if you just want to share your experiences and your knowledge. Anyone can start their own blog and earn money online, does not matter whether it is a 60-year-old Aunty or a 15-year-old kid.

    How to Start a Blog?

    first to find a Blog niche according to your interest and your knowledge. You start a free and paid blog, if you are a beginner then you can start a free blog and learn how to make a blog. Google trusts very little on free blogs and does not index them in Google. Is. If you want to earn money from your blog then you can buy hosting and domain and work on your blog.

    Best Hosting Websites?

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • You can create a blog in 2 ways,

    1 - You can learn some programming languages and create your own blog.
    Front-end Languages - HTML, CSS, JS ....
    Backend Languages - NODE JS, PHP, ...... OTHER

    2 - You can use WordPress or you can hire someone, my personal opinion First you learn how to make an offline WordPress website, after that you start working online. If you started working online directly and you are doing this first time, then both your time and money will be wasted. This is my personal experience.

    #3 Freelancer

    If you are a good programmer, designer, and marketer and you are not getting a job then you can do freelancing. If you work for someone and you get money for that work, that is called a freelancer, you can do freelancing part-time and full-time as well. It totally depends on you. You can start it with 0 investment, here you do not need to go to the office, you can work from home and no time is clear that you have to work so many hours, you can do it whenever you want. You can do whatever work you are an expert in work.

    most required skills to become a successful freelancer?

  • Core skills or Core competencies s
  • Marketing
  • Communication skills
  • freelancing websites require your qualification and your skillset because freelancing websites create personal listening, you can directly communicate with your interested clients. Some popular websites that provide jobs to freelancers.

  • you can find work that is some popular websites and earn money online in India.

    #4 YouTube

    YouTube is the most popular platform, many people 2-3 hours spent on YouTube. Most people watch videos on YouTube or most people earn money by making videos on YouTube. You can also earn money by making videos on YouTube, there is a lot of competition, if you work continuously on your channel then you can increase your channel quickly, according to the YouTube privacy policy, you need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers After that, you can monetize your video and earn money to YouTube.

    #5 Stock Marketing and Trading

    Stock marketing is a different way to earn money online in India. If you want to earn a profession by doing stock trading online then you need some money to start stock marketing and good knowledge of stock marketing, if you do not know much about stock marketing then you can take the information. Wherever you get information about stock marketing on YouTube, Google, if you start stock marketing without knowing then you can suffer a lot.

    Zerodha is one of the best stock broker services in India. You can create your account here and do both learning and trading here and you can earn millions and there are stock trading companies, you can do stock trading on them too, but before you start, take full information after that stock start trading.

    #6 Sell Online Courses

    you generate online revenue sales courses and earn money online in India. if you are an expert in any skill then you can create your course. You can sell online courses in many ways and earn money online, you can sell your courses by uploading them on Udemy. But you can sell or you can create your personal website and surround the lead with the help of Facebook ads or Google ads.

    #7 Social Media

    It is the most fun way among how to earn money online in India.
    And how can you also make a lot of money from social media?
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are the most popular social media platforms, you can earn money by creating pages on these social media platforms and many people are earning money using these social media platforms and Some people charge more than Rs.15000 for a post and tweet.

  • it all depends on your number of followers. How much money can you charge for a post and tweet on your social media page?
  • many companies sell a product and service online. Basically, companies are willing to pay social media influencers to promote their product and services.
  • social media is also used to promote products and services and there are many pages on Instagram and Facebook to promote company products and services.
  • You can create pages on all the social media platforms and grow your page followers.
  • Go have fun and earn.

    #8 Google Ads

    Google Ads is Google's advertising program. You can promote your products and services through Google Ads. If you have a website and you want to sell your product by sending traffic to your website, then with the help of Google ads, you can show ads in Google, for that you have to pay, how much do you do for 1 click and more You can suck your right audience, if you have sucked the wrong audience, then you can be harmed, you can target any audience with the help of Google ads and bring selling.

    #9 Facebook Ads Expert

    you can use Facebook ads to promote your Facebook page and your product or services. It is a world-famous social platform; Facebook is used by more than 5 billion people all over the world. You can target any of your audience and you can grow anything whether it is your Facebook page or any product or any service, you can generate leads from here and you can sell any product or service.

    #10 App Development

    it's become a high source of income. If you know how to create and market applications, you can create and market applications, many people have become millionaires by working on some applications.

    If you don't know how to make an application then don't worry, many people can learn and practice free app development and web development on YouTube, you can work for any software company or you can do freelancing, in freelancing people take more than 1 lakh rupees for 1 application or you can do your personal branding and marketing.

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